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All our toys are made with platinum cure silicone. They’re non-porous, non-toxic, easy to clean and comfortable as hell!

Sex Toy FAQ

Our toys use platinum as a catalyst to create incredibly strong chemical bonds that hold the toy together. This makes our toys incredibly comfortable and fleshy to the touch. It also keeps our toys strong and durable, so feel free to give them the time of their lives. 

That’s not the only benefit though. The platinum makes our toys easy to sanitise and non-porous, meaning bacteria won’t build up and make you sick, or discolour the toy.

Silicone allergies are also incredibly rare, so the toys are hypoallergenic! 

If you’re interested, we’ve created a longer post about platinum silicone dildos and toys.

Water-based lubes will work perfectly fine, but might not be ideal for larger toys as you’ll need to repeatedly reply. In which case we would recommend X-lube

While silicone lube can be used with our toys, they will require a deep cleaning afterwards to remove all the lube. This is because the silicone lube is very good at sticking to our silicone toys and has a habit of sticking around unless a proper clean is carried out.

You’re perfectly fine to wash our platinum silicone toys with soap and warm water. 

Because our toys are non-porous, you aren’t required to heat sanitise them - but you’re still free to if you feel a particular need. In these cases, simply bring a pot of water to boil  and leave the toy to bathe for ten minutes. Do not worry about damaging your toy, it’s made of stronger stuff!

Our toys can also be cleaned in a dishwasher - just avoid detergents or dish washer tablets. These are strong cleaners and may damage the toys.

Our silicone is equivalent to 00 30 meaning it will feel really nice and squishy, the same as a Topped Toys, a Bad Dragon Soft or slightly softer than a Hankey's Toy.

All Twisted Beast orders are shipped entirely discrete in a nondescript cardboard box with no indication of what’s inside. Your secret is safe with us! 

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